Hyper localism-based
rewarded advertising platform

Business Model

What is VIEW?

The VIEW platform is a digital advertising platform that connects advertisers and advertising consumers
based on the blockchain technology. The VIEW platform presents three goals

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The first goal is to provide various services specialized for advertisers to produce advertisements at low cost, and to provide active advertising solutions that allow advertisers to directly post and check

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The second goal is to create a win-win ecosystem in which the advertisers offer direct watching rewards to advertisements posted in this way to fairly share the benefits with the advertising consumers who faithfully consume the ads.

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Connecting small business owners, SMEs and consumers by utilizing the local targeting function, and further developing into a single local community

VIEW platform

VIEW platform

The VIEW platform is built on the web (WEB) and serviced on PC and mobile, and we plan to implement an intuitive and simple UX/UI that considers user convenience so that anyone can easily use and use it.

VIEW Platform

Mission types of VIEW's reward advertisements

Questionnaire writing type
Questionnaire writing type
SNS sharing type
SNS sharing type
Membership type
Membership type
Video watching type
Video watching type
Ad click type
Ad click type

Business Model

We plan to generate revenue from advertisers using the platform by providing the following business models.

  • Advertising video, banner image production service
    Advertising video, banner image production service
    This is a service that creates ad videos or banner images for advertisements. You can produce them at a low cost through partner companies linked to the VIEW project, and get help for optimized planning and strategies suitable for the characteristics of the product or service advertised.
  • Platform advertising revenue
    Platform advertising revenue
    The platform advertising revenue is the advertising cost that advertisers pay to display ads on the VIEW platform. Compared to other advertising platforms, the VIEW platform can guarantee high user engagement, and as a result, you can expect a high return on ad spend. In addition, the VIEW platform can conduct accurate target marketing by collecting information such as consumers' age, regions, and interests.
  • Mission approval agency service
    Mission approval agency service
    It is a service acting on behalf of the approval of mission advertisements that require a step to verify information submitted by advertising consumers. Advertisers can handle this on their own, but if they do not have time, they can share the right with the VIEW platform administrator.
  • Viral marketing service
    Viral marketing service
    This is a service for advertisers who want to advertise not only on external blogs, cafes, and SNS communities as well as the VIEW platform. It has the advantage of being able to publicize advertisements naturally, and it is also possible to advertise content through famous creators or influencers with high ripple power.

Team & Advisor

Project team member
Lee Seong-su
Lee Seong-su
CEO of View Foundation
& Advertising Platform
· Director, Korea Blood Cancer Leukemia Association
· Former) CEO of ICOM Co., Ltd.
· Former) CEO of Soop and Soop
Kim Kwang-wook
Kim Kwang-wook
General manager of View Advertising
Platform Technology & Advertising
· CEO of ‘Hello Coffee Sea’, an independent space cafe in Haeundae
· Operation of company and individual online shopping malls & overall advertising consulting
· CEO of Premium Dutch coffee brand D.I
· CEO of K.W, an online advertising agency
· Worked at Link Price, an online advertising agency
· Served as Chungmu secretary, Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam Branches of Mensa Korea
  • Kwon In-wook
    Kwon In-wook
    Representative tax accountant
    · view advertising platform tax axxountant
    · (Former) Nice Tax Corporation


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Organization Organization

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